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ServicesTermite Inspection - Bucks County

"Do I need a professional termite inspection?" The answer is "Yes." Your home is your largest financial investment, and billions of dollars of damage each year can be attributed to termites.

If you are seeking to buy a home, a termite inspection may be required by most lenders or insurance companies. A professional termite inspection usually takes between one and three hours.

Eastern subterranean termites are present throughout Pennsylvania and often damage structural timbers in buildings. When this damage becomes evident it is usually the result of years of infestation. Thus, damage by termites is not a sudden onslaught that will cause a building to collapse in a few days. Generally, termite problems only occur some years after construction - usually 10 years or more.

Many houses in Pennsylvania are unlikely to ever have termites because they are either located where the risk from termites is low or they are constructed to resist termite infestations. The risk of infestations can be reduced by avoiding certain faults or errors in construction, site grading and maintenance, or controlled through the application of soil insecticides or baits.

A termite inspector looks for visible signs of termite infestation, including wood damage, mud tubes, discarded wings, termite exit holes and termite droppings. Your inspector also will look for moisture issues and wood-to-ground contact that can be conducive to termite activity.

During an inspection, your termite professional will review common termite entry points and look for signs of an infestation. After your inspection, you should receive a report highlighting what activity was found (if any) and recommendations to prevent termite infestations. Implementing the right prevention program can save you time and money.

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