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How Home Inspections Work


Home Buyer Inspections
When you are buying a home, you are making one of the largest investments of your life. You need the peace of mind that your new home is a safe investment and won't end up costing you large amounts of money down the line. We perform complete structural and mechanical inspections including plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, roofing, foundations, interior/exterior, etc. A full comprehensive inspection can uncover repairs that are needed to fix small problems today. If these repairs are undetected, it could cost you thousands of dollars in the future.


Del-Val Home Inspectors are your agent for peace of mind. We solely look out for your best interest and concerns of your new home's condition before you purchase. Whether you're a First-Time Homebuyer or Seasoned Investor, you want a Home Inspector with integrity. You can trust Del-Val Home Inspections to give you a quality, thorough inspection and report.


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Home Seller Inspections

When you are selling a home or investment property you need to avoid any unnecessary costs or delays. Almost every home sale contracts are contingent on a home inspection. A pre-sale home inspection is pretty much a given in home sales today, and on occasion it can actually make or break the transaction. A home inspection before your property is under contract or listed for sale can help you maximize your overall price and profit by catching overlooked flaws that could delay settlement. A pre-sale home inspection ensures that you know just what could be an issue when you find your prospective buyer. A pre-sale home inspection enables full disclosure and prevents surprises, without a pre sales home inspector on your side your home sale can be a nerve-wracking experience.


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New Construction Inspections

So you are buying a brand new home... You have seen and walked through a beautiful sample that was finely detailed and furnished. Your expectations are high with anticipation of the completion of your new home. New construction does not automatically mean you won't have any problems.

Let Del-Val Home Inspectors ensure you are getting the peace of mind you deserve from a newly built home. The inspection process for new construction homes requires a much different approach than traditional home inspections and Del-Val Home Inspectors are on your side. We will work one on one with you to work out the details of a home inspection to meet the needs of your paticular situation.


Many factors can contribute to problems with the new construction of your home. Weather delays, developer pressure, defective materials, labor issues can lead to problems that may go unseen in a finished walk through inspection. Del Val Home Inspectors know what to look for when it comes to new construction home defects let us ensure your peace of mind.


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How Home Inspections Work

Nearly all purchase contracts for homes sold today include a home inspection contingency clause, a provision to allow the buyers to hire a professional home inspector of their choosing to thoroughly evaluate the home for any major problems.

Once the contract has been signed, inspections usually happen quickly. After an appointment is made with the seller, the home inspector arrives with buyer in tow, and goes through the entire house. Typically, a home inspection will take three to four hours and include a check of the home's structural and mechanical condition.

Besides the structural and mechanical inspection, home inspectors may also do tests for radon gas, check for wood destroying insects, or perform other services requested by the buyer.

A basic home inspection includes an evaluation of different areas of the home:


    • Structure                 • Exterior                   • Roofing system   

    • Heating system       • Plumbing system    • Electrical system

    • Fireplaces               • Interior                    • Insulation & Ventilation

    • Air conditioning system


Within these areas, Del-Val Home Inspectors follow strict standards of practice. This details what inspectors must look at, as well as what may be excluded, from the inspection. For example, when inspecting the roofing system, inspectors must evaluate the roof shingles, gutters, flashing, skylights, chimneys and other penetrations like plumbing vents. However, an inspector is not required to inspect a roof antenna, or to look inside chimneys that may not be readily accessible.

When the home inspection is complete, the inspector will issue a report to the home buyer detailing what was found. Inspectors will report on problems needing immediate attention, as well as conditions that can lead to more serious defects down the road. Keep in mind that Del Val Home Inspectors follow these strict guidelines and its Code of Ethics as the benchmarks of professional performance.


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