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ServicesCommercial Inspection - Bucks County

Del-Val Home Inspectors can provide you with a bid to perform a thorough visual assessment of your commercial property. Options are generally provided as part of the bid package, giving you the freedom to choose the scope of work.

Hourly Consultations are useful for:
  •  Real Estate Investors who want to look at

     a number of properties in one day.
  •  Home Buyers or Investors that only need

     one component inspected (i.e. roof,

     structure, electrical, etc.).
  •  Home Buyers or Investors who do not have an Inspection

     Contingency in their Agreement of Sale.
  •  Home Buyer or Investor purchasing a winterized property where

     the utilities are not turned on or can't be turned on in time for the


  •  Home Buyer or Investor that needs to ensure repairs made by a

     Seller were done properly.

Common types of Commercial Inspections:
  •  Pre-purchase for buyers
  •  Pre and post lease for landlords or tenants
  •  Draw inspections on new construction
  •  Site review, pre-purchase or pre-construction
  •  Investigative/problem solving
  •  Consulting

Types of Commercial Buildings inspected:
  •  Apartment buildings
  •  Office buildings
  •  Warehouses
  •  Restaurants
  •  Strip malls
  •  Convenience stores
  •  Medical/professional
  •  Churches


Types of Commercial Clients:
   •  Owner occupants
   •  Investors
   •  Insurance companies
   •  Mortgage companies
   •  Banks
   •  Tenants for pre and post lease
   •  Landlords
   •  Property management companies
   •  Field Service companies

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