How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Here are a few tips so you can prepare for your inspection...



  1. Expect the inspector to arrive up to ½ hour early to inspect roof and start exterior inspection.
  2. Make sure all animals are secured.
  3. Make sure all utilities are on.
  4. Remove any locks on outside gates, which prevent full access to the exterior.
  5. Be sure there is total and complete access to the following areas: (Remove any obstacles, stored items, and clothing prior to inspectors arrival)

Electrical Panel - panel cover will need to be removed
Furnace - furnace cover will need to be removed
Water Heater
Attic Space - inspector will need to access inside attic space
Crawl Space - especially if it is inside a closet full of stored items
All bedrooms and living areas
All exterior surfaces, siding, decks, etc..


If Radon is being tested, please review the DEP Home Buyers And Sellers Guide To Radon to properly prepare property for closed house conditions.




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